India Equity Advisory

What We Do

Tailored Solutions

India’s demography offers a huge growth potential. Over the years, we have built a strong quant-based research model which enables us to deliver industry leading performance. Pi Square offers 3 strategies, focused on niche industries, upcoming technologies and consistent compounders.

India Equity Solutions

India Equity Solutions is a decade old strategy which strives and thrives on upcoming entrepreneurs and visionary leaders.

India Equity Quant Portfolio

India Equity Quant Portfolio is a concentrated portfolio strategy built around the sustainable growth model.

India Edge Equity Portfolio

India Edge is focused on long term wealth creation with an orientation towards capital preservation.

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Vishrut Pathak – Partner

Vishrut Pathak is an MBA from St. John’s University, with specialisation in International Finance and has a PGD from New York university in Financial Statement Analysis. He was Vice President at HNW Inc. for 6 years where he worked with leading institutional clients like Lord Abbett Merrill Lynch, CitiBank and Morgan Stanley. Prior to HNW Inc, he worked as a senior analyst for a growing Buyout firm in New York in hospitality industry (IT Hospitality Inc.). After working for 10 years with various financial firms in New York, he founded “Pi Square Investments” in Jan 2011. He has over 20 years of Investment Management and corporate finance experience and also Mentors at EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India) under CrAdLE platform.